Mark Romanack

Bio: Mark Romanack has worked in the outdoor industry his entire career. A graduate of Northern Michigan University with a B. S. Degree in Conservation, Romanack works full time helping others better enjoy the outdoor experience. Since 1981 he has conducted countless educational seminars, written thousands of magazine articles, written 13 books on fishing and produced dozens of YouTube educational clips. In addition, Romanack spends copious amounts of time producing the national television series Fishing 411, seen on both national cable and satellite providers.

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2 Responses to About

  1. Joel Mallery says:

    I bought the lifetime app and love it but ghe only line weight is 10 lb.

    What happens if I’m fishing 20 lb?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Line diameter plays a significant role in how deep crankbaits and other trolling gear will dive. This is because thinner lines have less friction in the water and thicker lines more friction. It would be wonderful if we could test every single line diameter a fisherman might use, but this is impractical considering we have tested over 1000 different lures and devices. The time commitment would make this simply impossible. We try to test various lures and diving devices on line diameters that are common and practical for their use. Most of the charts feature two line diameters and we’re starting to add more line types such as 30# test braid which is getting popular.

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