A New Site and A New Blog

The new fishing411.net website

Fishing 411 has a new home on the internet.  Fishing411.net has been redesigned with a fresh look and updated information.  The new site will allow you to stay up-to-date with all that is going on with Fishing 411.

Along with the new site comes a new blog, where Mark and the Fishing 411 crew will share the details of our travels as we work to bring you great fishing action for the television show.  You can find the new blog by clicking the Blog link on the Fishing 411 website or clicking here.

There is also an option to subscribe to the new blog so you’ll be notified whenever we post a new article.

We hope you take a moment to visit the new site and check out the new blog.  This blog will stay active for a short time more, but all new material will be posted to the new blog.

Thank you,

The Fishing 411 Team

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Generation Next, Great Lakes Fishing Boats

By Mark Romanack

57decb_560dcb50d51f4d729668d04b2bf1724c.jpg_srz_p_821_441_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 (1)For the countless fishermen who ply the Great Lakes in search of trout, salmon, steelhead and walleye, the times they are a changing. Ultra clear water, scattered pockets of game fish and a declining population of forage fish are forcing anglers to adopt new fishing methods and more mobile fishing strategies.

The Phantom 222 and 202 Off Shore models pictured here represent a whole new generation of open water fishing boats for Smoker Craft Marine. Continue reading

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Pikein’ with Plastics

By Mark Romanack

DSC_0010About 20 years ago I started experimenting with soft plastics for fishing northern pike. Early on I spent most of my time dressing various jig types with a wealth of soft plastic bait sizes and designs. The early success I enjoyed catching pike on plastics convinced me to explore other ways of fishing plastics.

These days soft plastic baits have become deeply engrained in just about every pike fishing presentation in my bag of tricks. Early in the season or late, in cover or open water, casting or trolling, soft plastics are part of just about everything good in pike fishing. Continue reading

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Greeting Ice Out with a Utility Boat

By Mark Romanack

Starcraft Freedom 18In the dead of winter, avid anglers can think of little else beside ice out and the first opportunity of the year to fish open water. Even before the ice melts, many species are also in the mood for a change of pace. Spring spawners like walleye and pike are staging near spawning grounds weeks before the ice melts. Even fall spawners like lake trout and brook trout, sense that the sheets of ice are about to melt and better foraging opportunities are on the horizon. Continue reading

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Precision Trolling Data App Questions & Answers

IMG_0082  The much anticipated Precision Trolling Data, iPhone app was released in October of 2013. Hundreds of anglers have already signed on and are enjoying Dive Curve data for 182 different lures and trolling devices on either their iPhone, iPod or iPad device. Anglers who purchase the app data can use it at no additional cost on any or all of these approved personal devices.

     The 182 lures and devices featured in Version 1 represent the best of the best in crankbait brands and models plus a host of new lures never before published. Version 1 of the PTD iPhone app also features popular trolling devices like Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Divers and the Bass Pro Shops Keel Sinkers. Continue reading

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Precision Trolling Testing Never Gets Old

Anyone who enjoys the art of trolling crankbaits and other fishing hardware has undoubtedly asked themselves…. “How deep are my lures running?” Knowing where your gear is in the water column means everything to a troller who otherwise is fishing blind and literally hoping to blunder into fish.IMG_0082

Enter Precision Trolling stage left. The premise of Precision Trolling is simple. Understanding that certain variables (primarily lead length, line diameter and trolling speed) control the diving depth of crankbaits and other fishing hardware becomes a powerful tool. As a fishing tool, Precision Trolling allows anglers to accurately predict the running depth of their favorite lures and diving devices by simply monitoring the “variables” and then consulting the coveted Precision Trolling Data Dive Curve Charts for specific depth information. Continue reading

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The 196 Fishmaster Served Me Well

The 196 Fishmaster is about as close to “perfect” as the author has seen in fishing boats. Deep, wide, super sea worthy and with a fisherman friendly interior, the Fishmaster is just that.
The 196 Fishmaster is about as close to “perfect” as the author has seen in fishing boats. Deep, wide, super sea worthy and with a fisherman friendly interior, the Fishmaster is just that.

Not many fishermen have owned as many boats as I have. In the past 30 something years I’ve owned and fishedfrom as many boats. Getting a new boat every year is an exciting thing but with this perk in the fishing industry comes the burden of rigging and getting comfortable with a wealth of different boats. Every boat has strengths and weaknesses and my job is to make the best of every boat.   Continue reading

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